Wood Grapple; A Hydraulic Attachment

We often see huge buildings and extraordinary malls but rarely do we pay attention to the fact that how much of the effort and time has been spent in the construction of those buildings. Not only designing the sketch of a building is a mind storming activity but putting it into an actual shape is also a tiring task. Most importantly, the lifting and dropping of different materials from one place to another is a tough task which is carried out by the use of different types of machineries. However, the invention of these machineries has lessened our task to a great extent because before the invention of machineries, people personally had to move things from one site to another. In this article, we will be discussing about the attachment of one such machine which is known as wood grapple. 

Hydraulic excavator: 

Basically, excavator is the machine which is meant to dig the material like soil, rock; then to pick the material like wood log and finally to transport it from one site to another. Hydraulic excavator is the type of an excavator which is used for the transportation and demolition     purposes. It basically works by the heavy pressure of liquid; this heavy pressured liquid pumps the hydraulic excavator motor and hydraulic excavator cylinders. The hydraulic excavator machine works only after certain parts are attached with it. These parts are known as hydraulic attachments. Hydraulic attachments are the parts that are meant for various purposes like demolition and transportation. Every hydraulic attachment differs from one another on the basis of their individual characteristics. There is wide variety of hydraulic attachments that are available in the market. However, we will only be discussing about the hydraulic attachment known as wood grapple. 

Wood grapple: 

As we know that each hydraulic attachment differs from another on the basis of its characteristics and functions so similar is the case with wood grapple. Grapple is the kind of an attachment which holds or grips the thing firmly within its clutches. It is shaped somewhat like a Scorpio’s claws. Wood grapple is the kind of a grapple that is specifically meant to pick up wooden logs or any kind of wood. After that, this wood is transported to the site where it is needed like construction site. Wood grapple is an extremely important hydraulic attachment as it makes things lot easier for a man to move wood from one place to another. 


Things have been made lot easier for man of today’s age. We can transport every kind of material from one place to another with comparatively lesser effort. Hydraulic machines are used in construction sites with which hydraulic attachments are joined. Wood grapple is one such type of a hydraulic attachment that is meant to transport wood from one place to another. It is made in such a way that it grabs the wood within its clutches. “Daehan Heavy Industry” provides the best quality of wood grapple. wood-grapple